Food menu

Starters / Entradas

Fresh cheese cured € 8,70 ration/ Queso viejo

Cantabrian anchovy with tomato raff € 2.35 unit/Anchoas con tomate

Iberian Ham (€ 12.00 ½ ration)   19,50 ration / Jamón Ibérico Bellota

* With glass bread  + 3,25 €/ con pan de cristal

Alicante salted fish with tomato from the ground  / Salazón con tomate 11,40€ (120 grs. +/- 2 people)

Iberian ham croquette €2,00  unit/ Croquetón de jamón

Fish and Prawns croquette   2,00 unit/Croquetas de mero y gambas

Oxtail croquette € 2,00 unit/Croquetas de rabo

Cheese Fresh goat with foie, caramelized onion and tomato  € 5,55 unit/Milhoja de foie


From the sea/Del mar

Grilled scallops € 2,70 unit/ Zamburiñas

Oyster Gold Beach Nº1 from Normandie (France)  4,40€ unit/Ostra

Pick from the sea € 19.50 (150 grs )/ Quisquilla

Fried Fish 13,80 € ration/ Pescadito Andaluza

Squid national bay grilled  €15,00/ (+/- 300 grs.)Calamar bahía

Grilled octopus on baked potato, paprika and mery sauce € 13,50 ration/ Pulpo parrilla


Fresh salads/ Ensaladas  frescas

*Ensalada de la casa/ Home Salad Traditional salad with lettuce, tomato, onion, carrot, green and black olives, tuna, radish, boiled egg, beet, corn, asparagus and cucumber € 10.75*ration         

* Salad with Tomato  with cucumber, tender onion, olive gordal, Cantabrian anchovies, Murcian stems and piparras € 16.50 ration                                                                        

*Shrimp Salad with mango, cheese a ham/ Ensalada langostinos 16,50 ration           

Fish / Pescados

*Cod gratin with soft garlic about orange cream € 16,95 ration/Bacalao All i oli

*Grilled turbot with garlic and prawns € 17,95/ Rodaballo Gambas ajillo

*Corvina de la bay in rustidera with potatoes baker, onion, tomato, garlic and spices € 16,50 ration/ Corvina en rustidera



Meats / Carnes

Entrecote of veal grilled €19,78€ (+/- 350 grs)  

Sirloin grilled (blue cheese cream, oregano or pepper )/ Solomillo  21,00€ ration

Sirloin with foie micuit, juice of matusalem, truffle and prunes /Solomillo con foie 24,00€ ration

Castilla style goat shoulder € 22,55 ration/ Paletilla de cabrito

Castilla Roast pig € 17,40 ration/ Cochinillo


PAELLA- RICES (minimum 2 ration)

*By cheff José Gómez (founder) Arroces  mínimo 2 raciones


Rice with leg of beef and chickpea *our star dish € 14,50 ration/Arroz con pata

(Paella) Rice with Iberian pork, young garlic, beans, pepper and chickpeas € 13,00 ration/ Arroz con Secretos

(Paella) Rice with prawns and squid € 12,00 ration/ Arroz a banda

(Paella) Black rice with prawns, squid and clams 13,00 € ration/Arroz Negro

Mellow rice with octopus, boletus, clams and prawns €14,95 ration/Arroz meloso de pulpo y boletus

Mellow rice with lobster, clams and prawns € 19,00 ration/Arroz meloso de bogavante

(Paella) Seafood rice, with shrimp, crayfish, squid, mussels and clams 17,00 € ration/Arroz marinera